Adult GH deficiency

AGHDA-QOL questionnaire

Adult growth hormone replacement was recently approved for use in Australia for adults with poor quality of life. Approval requires documentation of biochemical evidence of growth hormone deficiency and poor quality of life that improves with growth hormone replacement. Quality of life is assessed using the AGHDA-QOL questionnaire. Please find below the AGHDA-QOL questionnaire (which is licensed for use by ESA members) and instructions regarding its use, along with application forms for initiating and continuing growth hormone replacement. ESA-AACB Dynamic Testing Protocols to test for growth hormone deficiency are in the process of being finalised and will soon be released. Further information is available on the PBS website

Adult GH deficiency - continuing PBS authority application

Adult GH deficiency - initial PBS authority application

QoL-AGHDA English ESA Jan19

QoL-AGHDA Users manual

SOMATROPIN - PBS criteria for adults with severe GH deficiency