Adult GH deficiency

Assessment of GH Deficiency in Adults

Adult growth hormone replacement has been approved for use in Australia for adults with poor quality of life. Approval requires documentation of biochemical evidence of growth hormone deficiency and poor quality of life that improves with growth hormone replacement.

Quality of life (QOL) is assessed using the Assessment of GH Deficiency in Adults (AGHDA) QOL questionnaire. Please find below the AGHDA-QOL questionnaire (which is licensed for use by ESA members) and instructions regarding its use, along with instructions for initiating and continuing growth hormone replacement.

Further information is available on the PBS website:


GH Replacement Application Forms and PBS criteria


Initial authority adult treatment requests can continue to be made using the Online PBS Authorities system or from Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) form upload facility.
For information about the online PBS Authorities system or how to integrate your prescribing software, contact:

For continuing adult growth hormone treatment, you can request the authority using the Online PBS Authorities system or by calling the PBS Complex Drugs Program enquire line on 1800 700 270.


Quality of Life assessments

AGHDA - QOL English ESA Jan19

AGHDA - QOL Users manual